OILARM® BA-200

    Self-cleaning 15 ppm Oil Content Alarm built with U.S.C.G. and A.B.S. approvals, fulfilling all the requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC.60(33), suitable for detection of oil-in-water from 2ppm to >150ppm. Power requirements: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz at 60 watts. Equipped with a 6 hole #150 Navy flange.


    OILARM® BA-200WP

    Model BA-200 with a NEMA4X Weather Proof case. Not submersible.


    OILARM® BA-200X

    Model BA-200 with Explosion Proof Housing (NEMA4X, 7 & 9, Classl, Division 1, Group D). Not submersible.

  • BA-200XC

    OILARM® BA-200XC
    ATEX Approved

    Model BA-200 with Explosion Proof Housing/Purge System & Window Not submersible. Classification EEx p || T4.

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    Recommended BA-200 Spares: Parts 1014-1, 1011, 10011 or 10012 and OACK3000

    Spare Parts for Oil in Water Alarms.

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    Accessories for Oil in Water Alarms.